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Updated: 01/09/2014 06:01:00
2006 JOHN DEERE 6820
AutoQuad PLUS transmisija 40 km/h ECO, kondicionieris, 2 hidroizvadi gaisa bremžu sistēma piekabei, daudzpozīciju sakabe, atsvari komplektā
Hours: 6,400
Drive: 2 WD
Horsepower: 140
Condition: Used
Price: £32,493
Dojus Latvija
Riga, Latvia
Phone:  +37167859184
Updated: 01/09/2014 06:01:00
2006 JOHN DEERE 6820
Front axle suspension, Air-conditioning, regular cabin, top speed 40km/h, 6 cyl 6800 cm3 engine displacement, AutoQuad PLUS ECO transmission
Hours: 6,650
Drive: 4 WD
Horsepower: 135
S/N:  LO6820K497904
Price: £32,493
Dojus Latvija
Riga, Latvia
Phone:  +37167859184
Updated: 28/11/2014 00:15:00
2005 JOHN DEERE 6820
Stk #: 34013498; Comment: gebr. John Deere 6820 Schlepper 3 Steuergeräte DW Druckluftanlage Obenanhängung Frontkraftheber Ihr Ansprechpartner: Richard Pütz Tel.: +49...
Hours: 6,437
Drive: 4 WD
Horsepower: 134
Condition: Used
Price: £37,295
Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein-Main eG
KRUFT, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Phone:  +4932221093480
or +491735845363+491732940160+49173701
Updated: 27/11/2014 23:29:00
2004 JOHN DEERE 6820
Stk #: 208430000031570; Comment: guter und einsatzbereiter Zustand, sofort verfügbar! , Druckluftanlage (1/2-Kreis), Steuergerät - Doppelt wirkend (4x), EHR, Gefederte...
Hours: 8,900
Drive: 4 WD
Horsepower: 160
Condition: Used
Price: £25,281
MERKANTIL Export-Import GmbH
Pragsdorf, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Phone:  +4903966211018
Updated: 11/11/2014 03:10:00
2003 JOHN DEERE 6820
Stk #: 072; Cab Type: YES, Tires: Singles
Hours: 8,385
Drive: MFWD
Horsepower: 147
S/N:  L06820P380733
Price: £27,738
B+S Landtechnik GmbH
Grabow, Germany
Phone:  +4932221093345
Updated: 26/09/2014 08:19:00
2003 JOHN DEERE 6820
2003 registered. 6744 hours. TLS. Air conditioning. Cab suspension. AutoPowr. 520/85 Rear. 420/85 Fronts. -
Hours: 6,744
Drive: 4 WD
Horsepower: 120
Condition: Used
Price: £23,850
Preston, LANCASHIRE, United Kingdom
Phone:  +441772368051
Updated: 28/11/2014 00:41:00
2002 JOHN DEERE 6820
Stk #: 758080000016281; Comment: 200 weitere Traktoren ab Lager lieferbar. Unser Angebot finden Sie unter und Verkauf, Finanzierung, Vermietung, Transport Ihrer...
Hours: 4,200
Drive: 4 WD
Horsepower: 135
Condition: Used
Price: £32,888
Fritz Brandt Landmaschinenhandel
Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Phone:  +4932221093354

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